Small Acts Count

The idea for this blog started after I watched the documentary, I AM. Through the course of the film, Tom Shadyac explores two questions. What is wrong with the world? and How can we fix it? He concludes that generally we (Americans and "Western" capitalist society) are too caught up in the ideals of economic competition we are raised to exemplify, and the desire for more and more and more, that we often forget how rewarding it is to lend a hand to those who have less. We have become selfish. We also forget about the "one fundamental law that all of nature obeys that humans break every day: Nothing in nature takes more than it needs, and when something does it becomes subject to this law, and it dies off."  

Ultimately, he finds, that humans aren't inherently bad, and that one of our greatest strengths is compassion and the ability to cooperate. Some of the world's most renowned philosophers express the idea that change happens through "tiny acts." The film also explores the idea that our consciousness and actions have an effect on the world around us. 

Take less, give more

So the matter comes down to choice. Where are we choosing to put our energy? How can we focus our energy toward making positive changes in our lives so that, as a species, we are not subjected to the "one fundamental law." How can we increase satisfaction in our lives and build constructive relationships in the midst of an era dominated by instant gratification and a hyper-focus on the individual that is facilitated by social media? 

Small Acts Count explores these questions. We promote media that spreads awareness and poses possible solutions to the challenging issues we face. We practice and share stories of love, compassion, creativity, sustainability, gratitude, and self discovery. We encourage others to participate in this conversation and share their stories too.

About the Author

Hi, I'm Heather, 2010 graduate of the School of Media Arts and Design (SMAD) at James Madison University. My concentration in SMAD was Converged Media with a self-guided interest and extra study in the cultural impacts of media, the effect of social media on the identity development of teens and young adults, and user experience design. I enjoyed courses on world religions, philosophy, art, creative writing, and photography. I have since studied various philosophies and ideas about existence, consciousness, and life such as Synchronicity, Taoism, and Yoga.