It's very simple.

Ask yourself, "What good have I done lately for someone or something other than me?"

A few examples of Small Acts:

  1. Called your mom and told her you love her today.
  2. Gave a homeless person a smile, at least you're acknowledging his existence. 
  3. Saved a spider by putting it outside instead of killing it.
  4. Composted your vegetable peels.
  5. Walked your dog those few extra blocks.

No matter how big or small.

Every good, consciously thoughtful act, counts. It's all contributing to the positive energy we need to grow to change our world and our collective human consciousness. 

It's YOUR thing, but what's the contribution?

Share your Small Act, but make it about something that's contributing positively to someone else or the world. It isn't about vanity, who can get the most likes, or an expectation that you will get something in return. It's simply about building a movement around good actions. 

It is about increasing the amount of time you consciously spend thinking about and doing good for other living beings and our planet. The more you do it, the easier it gets, the happier you will be.

The hope is that with enough participation more people will live consciously and strive to do good for others - whether it's shared or not. If you're willing to share your experience maybe it will inspire others to live more consciously as well. 

It's social - so share - #SmallActsCount

Be good, not for the attention, but simply because you want to be good, then talk about it.

We're already spending a vast majority of our time on these media sites producing and consuming (prosuming) content, so why not use it to increase the positive energy in our world? 

Participating in this way allows us to use the media we already love for a less self-absorbed purpose. Use your social networking tools as an outlet to share your small acts, not as a means for self-righteous bragging, but as a way to outwardly reflect your genuinely selfless actions.

Hopefully, with enough time and participation, we will see a shift in our outward behavior and a transformation in the purpose of the media we consume. Media is only a tool. The outcome is dictated by how we use it. Use it for good; be the change. 

So let's get started! What good have you done lately?

Send a tweet with the #smallactscount hashtag.

Post it to the Small Acts Count Facebook page.

Post a picture on Instagram.

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