Surprise someone with a small act of kindness today.


science is on your side

Research shows that all forms altruism —kindness, generosity, compassion, volunteering, and donating money— lead to greater happiness, longevity, and higher self esteem for the giver.

We are made to love, show compassion, and help each other. It's wired into our DNA! 

Spread the Word

Tell your friends how Small Acts Count toward making a big difference. We're all inhabitants of planet earth. Let's spread the word to help keep it prosperous, peaceful, happy, and healthy!

Get Started

Below are a few key ideas that can help you get started on practicing Small Acts. Even if it's just diverting yourself from a train of thought centered on negativity, it counts towards making positive change. Maybe tomorrow you'll go a step further and pick up a stray soda can from the sidewalk and deposit it in a recycling bin. The possibilities for Small Acts are endless!

If you set the intention to focus on good, opportunities for good will come to you, and you will see a positive shift happen in your life. Love, happiness, and prosperity will follow. 


Wake up each day and say thank you to life. Appreciate what you DO have. Try not to focus on what you don't have or expectations for the future.


Everyone is doing the best they can. Remember that you don't know someone's circumstances or their internal struggles and challenges. Don't be quick to judge. Try your best to respond with compassion.


Be kind to yourself. You are worthy of love and belonging. Remember to tell yourself that and it will be a truth. Life is easier, when you're easy on yourself.

one planet

We only get one planet, and it's ours to share. Work to reduce consumption (buying needless stuff), reuse whenever possible, recycle when reuse is not feasible. Ride a bike or take the bus. Conserve resources.