About a year ago, I watched a documentary by the director of Ace Ventura, Tom Shadyac, called, I AM. Check it out if you have Netflix.

A bit of a silly reason, perhaps, but the film really spoke to me, and I sensed the truth and power in those interviews with some of the world's most renowned philosophers.

A very good friend of mine once said something along the lines of, "If you have an idea to do something, and you keep it inside for a year, and it's still just as powerful to you after that year, then do it." Well, my year is up, and I have come back to this idea constantly over the past year. Thanks for your ever encouraging guidance and wisdom, Pam.

Most importantly, I started this because spreading positive energy through kind acts remains the only effort in my life that has brought me true happiness and joy.

The positive energy I give by helping others or doing a good deed comes back to me as a comforting sense of peace, well-being, and purpose for my life. I feel it in my heart, and it just bubbles like nothing else. When it comes down to it, I believe that's what it means to give love. 

The sad part is, up until this point, I didn't do it that often.

More often, I would sit brooding over what I could have done differently in a situation, trying to figure out why someone reacted to me in a certain way, or yearning to predict the outcome of a situation given x, y or z action that I could take. I have mostly been totally unconscious of the aspects in life that have generated happiness, and wasted my time worrying over outcomes that don't exist yet or have already passed.


My hope is through sharing this idea with others, and encouraging them to share their positive contributions to our collective energy, that I may be more accountable for my own conscious effort to contribute positively to that energy.

Just like everyone else, deep down, I just want to be happy. Of course, I have my moments of happiness, but I want to foster a sense of sustained happiness. A happiness that originates from inside myself as a result of feeling good about my contributions to my own and others' lives, not as a result of a fleeting event.

More importantly, I want to share that happiness with others, and inspire those who care to listen to seek the genuine happiness that comes with taking these Small Acts. Social media is an extremely powerful tool, and I believe it can steer the future into a more positive direction. Join me in sharing your Small Acts. #SmallActsCount

Sympathy is the strongest instinct in human nature.
— Charles Darwin 1871 (heard in the film "I AM" by Tom Shadyac)