National Adoption Month

 Driving back from the grocery store this evening, I heard an announcement via Piedmont CASA on today's eTown Radio Program that November is National Adoption Month 

I had no idea that such an awareness campaign existed, but I'm glad that it does. As humans, we aren't always wanted by the mother and father we are born to, or some of them just aren't capable of caring for us and providing our basic needs. 

Adoption is a topic near and dear to my heart. At eight months old I was in a foster home for two years. Later, my aunt chose to take me in when I was seven and she was twenty-one. She raised me until I went to college. In fact, she's still raising me through her guidance and love as I continue to grow and experience life with all its joys and heartache. 

Consider taking some time to learn about what adoption means and maybe make a donation to this worthy cause. At the very least, pass the word along to spread awareness during November. Of course, not everyone can or wants to have children or adopt, but the effort of successfully finding new parents for a child is a tremendous one. 

November always brings a spirit of thankfulness. I am incredibly, beyond words, thankful for my aunt and late foster mother. I'm sure those who organized this campaign would be thankful for your donation or creating more awareness too!