Tipping Point

"Because this is the year we can reach a global tipping point on climate."

I remember learning about the global tipping point in a geography studies class at JMU. Back then it seemed like something to be concerned about in our distant future.

It's a point of no return, from an ecological perspective. The scary part is that it's a real thing

I'm not entirely sure if they mean a tipping point in changing legislation or the actual tipping point. Either way it's time to stop envisioning it as a problem for the distant future and take action now.

Media Power

Luckily, someone invented this stuff called "social media." It gives us the power to quickly and easily reach out to others to let them know we care and that we want our "representatives" to care too. But do they?

It seems like all they care about is money. 

Maybe if we send some social media pressure their way they'll wake up and get it together.

Use your voice! People go to war for your freedom to say what you want!

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