Your Turn Challenge

Seth Godin wrote this really awesome book called "What to do when its your turn." My good friend Pam sent me this book for my birthday. I'm on my second round of reading it.

One of the major concepts is pushing yourself to always "ship," or create something and share it with others. Everyday we aren't "shipping" something, we are failing. Winnie, the Special Projects Lead for Seth, organized the Your Turn Challenge with the goal being to "practice shipping with a like-minded community that wants to push themselves to grow and support each other along the way."

I've decided to participate so here is my Day 1 submission: 

Media is Power

One of the driving factors that defines our culture, norms, standards, habits, economy and so on is media.

Seth Godin said you have “the freedom to choose...the information you consume.” We also have the freedom to choose the information we produce.

No longer do the corporations dictate the information we consume. We dictate the information we consume, by creating it and sharing it. Of course the corporations with a hunger for deeper pockets will probably never go away, but they are no longer totally in control. We have a choice.

I started shipping because I decided to change my attitude about life. I’m on a journey of self discovery and what it means to “give back” instead of only take. I want to embody the idea that only I am responsible for my happiness. I find that happiness by giving back to others, helping those in need, sharing information and ideas that contribute toward positive change in our world.

I’m sharing this journey in hopes of inspiring others to share things that matter; to share things that foster positive growth, truth, compassion, and gratitude. So much of our time is spent on social sites, on the internet. It is one of the most powerful tools created, because it gives us that freedom that Seth so strongly urges us to use, but I think it’s partly being wasted, not living up to its potential. We are not living up to our potential. Maybe because we are afraid, or maybe because we are oblivious.

We share a planet. We share energy. All our actions are manifesting that energy, but is it good energy? Is it worth our time, or is it doing us damage, and feeding a broken system?

I started shipping because I am accountable. I’m taking my turn because Small Acts Count.