Act on passion


“You don’t really speak often, but when you start talking about something you’re passionate about, you’ve got a lot to say. You can see the passion in your eyes and in your face. It resonates in your voice.”

A doctor friend told me this once at a local Charlottesville brewery when I was explaining how much power media has in our culture, how mostly it’s being wasted, and how it should be used for good. I suppose his comment sticks in my mind because it is true. I speak very emphatically when I am expressing ideas rooted in my passions.

Change the conversation

I express this passion not only through words, but now finally, through actions. Just today I met, again, with the Director of the Great Expectations program at Piedmont Community College. I am honored to be getting involved with this organization at such a pivotal time in its development. One of our goals aims to help shift the context of the conversation, both externally and internally, from “those poor at risk foster kids,” to “you are our future and the leaders of success in our nation.”

I have been working on a presentation since our last meeting that journeys through my story. A story about a young woman coming from poverty and dysfunction finding success and spiritual fulfillment. A journey about fear and how to overcome it and use it for growth. A story about finding a passion and learning how to act on it, not merely think it.

Only do it

I explore and learn, try and fail, reach and connect, and do it all over again not because I’m lost, but because I’m ready to take the risks to express my passions. There really isn’t a way to do it well. Only do it. (Thanks, Seth). If you aren’t expressing those passions, then aren’t they just voices in your head? Being “crazy” is a Small Act. Let the voices speak.