Millions worth wasting

Let's make it a waste of their millions. Don't let big oil buy our election. Koch industries recently announced it will spend nearly 900 million dollars during the 2016 presidential race in an attempt to reverse the renewable energy and climate action progress we've made so far. Remember, you have a choice. Humanity's survival on earth isn't really a political matter, but for some reason the folks running the fossil fuel industry only care about their bank accounts.

Take the Small Act of getting smart and choosing clean energy in 2016. Use your right to choose a candidate that will continue a path toward a clean energy future. If you're my age and have kids, their future quality of life and that of your grand kids depends on it.

Don't let this be their future. Know the issues and choose wisely.


It doesn't matter who is right or wrong in this "climate change is man made" argument, but wouldn't you rather be a supporter of clean energy if it is true?