One for me

I often talk about give, give, give. It's wonderful to give meaning and positive time and energy to others. Whether its to promote a cause, help organize a program, or simply pick up trash so the world will be a little cleaner for everyone else. 

Sometimes though, on our journey to "try and make the world a better place," we've got to pause, take a big deep breath, and do something for ourselves. Taking time for myself to find balance, calm, or peace is often one of the greatest Small Acts I can practice. It allows me to refocus and recharge.

I often do yoga, meditate, or journal out my thoughts. I make healthy meals that I know I'll enjoy and are what I'm really craving rather than something to suit another's pallet. I walk over to the coffee shop around the corner to work and get some fresh air on my way. Sometimes I just admire my plants sitting on the window sill soaking up the sun.

I've been spending a lot of time with other people. Volunteering, consulting, and spreading my ideas and passions in hopes of encouraging others to openly do the same. However, I am introvert. That doesn't mean I don't like people, or that I'm not good at interacting with people. I love people! I just recharge by spending some quiet time on my own to reflect, and be still. 

So remember, when the busy-ness of life starts to make your world spin, and you're feeling a little overwhelmed, take a break and relax. Deep breathing can steady your mind and your heart. Even just having a cup of tea or coffee without any distractions (TV, kids, work) can help restore balance to our hectic lives.

I cannot truly serve others if I do not take time to restore myself. I am a part of this world so I will do good for me too.