Reflections on Fall: Shedding our own leaves

I sit on the edge of a low bridge where, I can only assume, a squirrel nibbled away the insides of an acorn and left a mess. The wind makes more of a crisp crackling sound as it blows through the yellow fall leaves in contrast to the fresh lush sound of spring time leaves. The sun beams down endowing the leaves with a rich golden hue. I reflect on times passed and how they mirror times new, but am careful not to attach too tightly. 

Fall seems to always represent a time of transition and shedding of the old. The trees don't fight this cycle. I wonder if they feel pain over losing their leaves or if they happily shed the extra weight. 

Hiking: A walk for mental & physical health

I went on a hike through Mill Mountain Park the past couple days. These were Small Acts to provide a serene setting for meditation and reflection. There's something about walking through the woods, smelling the mustiness of the leaves already fallen, the crispness of the breeze, and boldness of the sun as the forest canopy wanes that lifts and lightens my spirit when I need it most.

I do this for exercise too. Commuting on my bike isn't always enough to keep my legs from feeling restless. Walking through the woods on various terrains, up and down hills, for thirty to sixty minutes is a Small Act for my cardiovascular system. Even if it were flat, it would be good for me. It's just enough time to release endorphins, but not too much time to get bored.

I do it in gratitude for the trees and their yearly releasing of the old. Their leaves help sustain life for us. We would perish without the oxygen they produce. I pay tribute to their golden gifts.

Journey for letting go

Mostly I want the adventure of a journey. No matter the brevity, it gives me perspective and reminds me to let go of what's no longer needed or serving me, perhaps some nagging thought or worry, or something already lost or past that my mind wants to continue analyzing. Sometimes the Smallest Act means accepting the necessity to shed the old and prepare for a time of inward reflection to make room for something new.