Be Louder, Chapel Hill

As I sit in my black rolling desk chair typing this, I am deeply saddened by the tragedy that has occurred in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. I am sending positive energy, prayers, and love to the families and friends of those lost. 

Their early demise makes what I am trying to do, as well as the efforts of so many others, all the more important. It's tragic stories like this that inspired me to find the good in life and humanity and share those stories instead, but atrocity cannot be ignored and the lost should be honored. 

Be louder

Despite the sadness and anger that boils in my heart at the injustice of losing these young lives, I want to encourage myself and anyone listening to work harder for the good fight. Conquer fear and make change,  "cause a ruckus,"  stand up for what you believe in and let it be heard. Only when we take action can we influence others to consider how their attitudes and behavior shape communities and cultures.

So enamored by these funny cauliflower florets. Nature is amazing.

So enamored by these funny cauliflower florets. Nature is amazing.

2015 is an exciting year. I believe things are changing. They most definitely are for me. The wheels are already in motion. After 42 days in this new year I am still waking up and saying "thank you" to life for giving me another day; each one is a miracle. I've always struggled with expressing gratitude, but practicing it each day, as I promised myself I would, makes it come naturally. I am enchanted by the world around me when I pause to pay attention and say thank you. I encourage you to do the same, despite the sadness and heartbreak we as humans may encounter on a daily basis.

Worldwide goals

 I've never been more inspired. I am finding that there are so many others out there like me: inspired and working diligently to make positive changes in the world. 2015 is also the year that the United Nations Development Program set as the target year in meeting eight Millennium Development Goals. The goals are centered on reducing extreme poverty and increasing the livelihood of nations around the world. I just learned this today. I feel like it was vaguely mentioned in a geography studies class in college, but this astounds me. I wonder how many others have no idea.

2015 also represents the year that countries are supposed to establish a world agreement, The Paris Declaration, for creating greener economies and reducing human impact on climate change. 

These are two extremely important initiatives for the world. We are not just citizens of the United States or other individual countries, we are citizens of the world. The Internet connects us and provides opportunity for growth and learning among diverse cultures. Yet we are still stuck on race and religious differences? We share a planet so these are all of OUR issues. 

We have the power

There is a lot that can be improved, and it won't happen over night. It might seem overwhelming. How can we enact positive change when there is so much destruction, hate, violence, and treachery going on in the world? Small Acts, one at a time, one day at a time. Educate yourself. Practice compassion towards others and let people see it. That's what Random Acts of Kindness Week is all about, which is also this week. Share your ideas. Don't be afraid to fail. If you do, just try again. It takes billions of tiny pieces of sand to make a beach. Let's build our paradise. 

Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.
— Theodore Roosevelt