Sending you my love

"Aspire to be love" is the intention I set for myself today during my after-yoga meditation. Quite an appropriate intention for Valentine's day, huh? 

It's a popular Saint's day derived from the Christian religion turned romantic holiday in the 18th century turned commercial holiday in the 20th, at least that's what jewelry stores and candy shops want you to think.

What is it really? Well it's really just another day, and not one that I'm necessarily big into. I don't spend a lot of money on it. So why even write about it?

It's the love part

I want to boil it down to love. Love is something we all need, want, crave, and will go to great lengths to attain. We dress ourselves in the finest "in" styles in hopes of attracting a mate. We fight for it; don't give up on it. It changes us, breaks us, teaches us, grows us. It helps us stay alive as a species. It is our shared humanity. 

Lately, I've tried to re-frame my concept of love. I want it to be something greater than a label I share with my partner or family member. I want to embody it. Hold it close and be it. I want to give it to all and encourage others to do the same. I want to give it to myself. Self-love is most important above all else. True, unconditional, love for others flows only from that; the love we give to ourselves. All else is ruse, infatuation, fantasy. 

Don't get rusty

I love making things at home!

I love making things at home!

So whether you're single or not on this "lover's day," remember, you've got yourself, so practice the Small Act of giving yourself love. Treat yourself out to a nice meal. Do something you enjoy and that makes you happy. There are countless others that could use a little more love too and sharing it can be as simple as giving a smile to a stranger on the sidewalk.

Ever’thing there is but lovin’ leaves a rust on yo’ soul.
— Langston Hughes