Not trying is a greater risk than failure

Each day is new. What a beautiful gift we are given. We are allowed to start fresh with the rising of the sun and go on new adventures, make new choices. 

It's easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of our increasingly busy world, to get distracted and confused. It's easy to return to a state of disillusionment about the world, people, and what truly matters; to choose convenience over what is better for yourself and others. I certainly make these blunders too. Just last week I was traveling for work and found myself overly frustrated, anxious, and stressed during most of the time I had to be on site at my office.

Split second

Then again, it's just as easy to remember and then make the choice to mentally recollect. It's a split second decision. It's something I've recently come to understand has profound power in steadying my spinning mind. Faith.

Faith is something that is widely associated with religion or a deity, and if that's your take on it, that's perfectly fine. Perhaps the way I express it could certainly be comparable to how others express it, but for me it is simply placing a trust in life, or a higher energy that we all share. Things will work out, or even if they don't "work out" the way I want, ultimately, in the grand scheme, it doesn't really matter because life is going to go on the way it is supposed to, and that I need not fret over the outcome of a situation where all the factors are not clear or resolved. I've mentioned this topic before, but over the last week and the stress I put on myself, I feel it needs revisiting. 

I've also come to learn more about it being a matter of faith, something I've long heard of, and wanted to practice, but actually following through with it has not been easy for me in my life. It's a very Small Act and takes just a bit of conscious effort. I recognize the trigger, my brain begins to run away with an idea, and at that point is where freedom lies. I have the choice to let my brain keep going and throw me into an emotional tornado, or I can make the choice to have faith. 

Success is the willingness to keep going

I might fail. I might stumble along the way, but I always have the choice to pick back up and keep going, to keep practicing Small Acts, choosing to have faith, despite my lapses, my frustrations, my choice for conveniences, and because I keep going, and make the choice to start anew, I have already succeeded.