A story for spring: our yearly rebirth

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It's a grey, rainy, chilly day in Charlottesville, but it's the first day of spring and I can see and smell the changes coming. An earthy smell of spring rain pervades and Daffodils are starting to creep out of their wintry dens. Spring is the essence of rebirth.

I think about change, rebirth, re-inventing, and growth a lot these days. I think about it for myself and for our planet. I am seeing that there are many others who are thinking about change as well. I am starting small. As I have been writing this blog and practicing Small Acts they become the norm for my life. I no longer have to question, "should I pick up these fallen vegetables and put them back?" when at the grocery store, I just do it. Someone sees me do it. It is a ripple effect. 

I read earlier today that we mostly think and operate using the "reptile" part of our brain; the impulsive part that has been programmed by our schools, media, politicians, and society. I didn't really know this prior to reading it, but it makes sense. The key is to learn to pay attention to your thoughts and intentions.Then, you can focus your energy to manifest your desires. At some point I guess I was tired of acting out of old destructive, restrictive, fearful habits and impulsive behaviors. I decided to do something about it. Have I perfected it? No. Perfection is not the goal. Conscious effort is the goal. 

You get what you give

Small Acts does mean change, and I guess that's scary for some. It has certainly been scary for me, but it's been incredibly rewarding so far. I think there is more risk in not working toward these changes I am trying to make with my Small Acts. The more energy I put into it the more the adventures, discoveries, and opportunities unfold. I find myself amazed and incredibly grateful for the connections and relationships I am building. Without taking the leap, such wonder would be lost.

I am choosing to work on change for myself and my happiness; my joy, freedom, love, and virtue. I practice these Small Acts because I want to make a difference; not just in my own life, but in the lives of others. I want to look back and say, "I did something worthwhile with my time and energy. I worked to make the world better than what was given to me." 

Others are making a difference too

All over the world today people are celebrating the International Day of Happiness. The joyful premise promotes cherishing your connections with others, and the idea that a Happy Planet = Happy People. Part of the mission is to spread awareness about Climate Change, how it affects us all, and what we can do about it. Thousands of people have taken Small Acts to show they want a Happy Planet. Sunday, March 22nd is World Water Day. Millions across the globe will come together to celebrate the gift of water and raise awareness about the issues our fresh water supply faces. These are just two examples of campaigns that are encouraging a shift in our thinking and behavior. Awareness is key. 

It's free

Making change in yourself and the world is free. It only takes a bit of conscious effort and a choice that is followed up with action. Get involved. Speak up. Now is the time. Small Acts Count.