Decision paralysis or getting things done?

Sometime’s you’ve just got to go for it.
— John R. Wharton

John said this to me the other day during one of our creative meetings. I have been trying to incorporate this attitude into my decisions this week. It seems like around spring time, every year, my busy-ness level just explodes! I'm moving next week. I've got multiple in-my-free-time projects going on and it can be paralyzing. 

What do I want to eat for dinner? Should I go hang out with some people or just continue to work in front of my computer? Should I go work at the coffee shop? Which project should I focus on right now?

Be spontaneous

These thoughts swirl in my mind, and John's words have been the Small Act that saves me from decision paralysis. I remind myself to, "go for it." Be spontaneous. Go relax under a tree in the park. Give a homeless man $2. Attend that Foster Care Awareness month event that I was invited to last minute. Meet a friend for dinner. Go to a geologists' party. 

I have all these really great ideas to incorporate into my vision for this blog, like recruiting ambassadors to help me share and post about the good stuff in life. I've thought about that for a while, and then I decided to "go for it." Why not? It's there if someone is interested. 

Trust your instincts

That message has been invaluable for me this week. Being in a whirlwind of activity and choices can leave me dizzy. It has been very grounding to carry this message through the week so far, and I feel like I've accomplished a ton! 

There's also the absence of my other half so all the decisions for basic questions are up to me, and it's a little intimidating. However, I think that the idea of "going for it" completely mirrors the Small Act of being present in the current moment. No need to waste time analyzing a scenario, I can trust my instinct and be content with the now.