The Most Abundant and Valuable Currency

The air weighs with the smell of rain and dampened dust. I coast down the hill on my bike, a few drops splat against my cheek. I welcome the breeze, and the rain, after a long stretch of hot humid Charlottesville days. After my yoga class and a long bike ride home, I feel renewed and grateful for those cool rain drops on my skin.

We’re gifted 72,000 units of this precious currency each day. Each and every day we get to start all over again. We wake up and our “bank account” is full. We are given a choice about how we want to use them; these seconds, moments, and hours. Each choice contributes to the outcome of our future. How we spend this currency dictates our destiny.

72,000 seconds or 3,600 minutes, or 24 hours each and every day. We’re given these to use however we see fit, but how do we use them? Average Americans spend the most time working and sleeping followed by TV, leisure and sports.

We can exchange this time for other currencies like money or things or give it away to help others. We can consume it with mind numbing television or scrolling through a social feed. It seems so precious to me and I struggle to just sit still and be, feeling as though I need to constantly be doing something. Working, reading, writing or doing yoga or hanging out with people.

My time is my life

I want my time to count, not against a clock, but toward my life. I see it as energy. Using my time is contributing my energy to something. What am I contributing it to? I practice Small Acts like recycling, composting, cooking instead of dining out, riding my bike to commute as much as I can, volunteering my time to worthy causes, buying less stuff and practicing self love and awareness.

I spend my time that way as often as I can. I contribute my energy toward something good as much as I can, but for me the value of that expands beyond simply practicing those small positive actions. It’s about being present while I’m doing them in each second.

A second is fleeting, right? It’s like a penny. In our culture a penny almost has no value. I think we’ve adopted that mindset with our seconds too. We don’t pay attention to just one second. They only count as they add up to a mass of minutes or hours and form some memory of an experience. 

Appreciate your seconds

I challenge to you pay attention to the seconds. Make those count. Be there. Be aware. Be present and see how your experience of life transforms.

Practicing this Small Act is changing my life, my attitude, my outlook, my experience and all for the better. When I’m actively doing this, I’m not in a hurry to be anywhere. I’m peaceful, calm and happy. It alleviates the need to be “doing something” because each second is precious and I’m alive and I’m so grateful.